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Ethel Lund Medical Center

Welcome to the Ethel Lund Medical Center (ELMC). We are pleased to be your medical provider of choice and encourage you to use this guide as a resource to help you and your family navigate ELMC’s clinics and find information about our services.

As part of the SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC), ELMC in Juneau provides medical services in its state-of-the-art building, with a large-scale renovation completed in 2021.

Our clinic’s namesake, Ethel Lund, was one of the nine women that founded SEARHC in 1975. She first served on the Board of Directors, and then as Board President until 2000. She continues today as the President Emeritus.

With a strong belief that building healthy families requires integration of cultural practices, traditional medicines and foods, Mrs. Lund has provided dedication, leadership and a profound commitment to advance SEARHC into a nationally recognized tribal healthcare organization. Today, through her efforts and those of many others, SEARHC operates a regional hospital and provides a full array of health services that benefit all Southeast Alaska residents.

Primary Care Services

ELMC provides a full spectrum of primary health care services for adults and children in Juneau, including acute and chronic disease management, preventive services, and maternity and pediatric care. Your primary care team will work in partnership with you and in collaboration with one another to ensure you receive the tools, support and resources needed to make decisions, and to address all of your health needs.

ELMC’s Integrated Care Team

When you establish care with a primary care provider at ELMC, you are cared for by an integrated care team which includes your primary care provider, other medical providers on their team; physicians, nurse practitioners (NP) and physician assistants (PA), a medical assistant, case manager and a wellness advisor.

Our goal is to schedule your appointment with your Primary Care Provider or teammate at a time that is convenient for you. We believe that a team approach provides the continuity of care that improves and leads to healthier outcomes. SEARHC partners with Bartlett Regional Hospital to provide emergency services, inpatient care and labor and delivery services for our patients.

SEARHC patients utilizing Bartlett may be responsible for any balance after insurance. SEARHC beneficiaries living in Juneau should familiarize themselves with our Purchased/Referred Care (PRC) policies.

Pediatrics Board-certified pediatricians and family practice physicians provide outpatient primary care and specialty consultative care for children. In an effort to provide a complete spectrum of healthcare offerings, we have partnered with Dr. Joy Neyhart and Rainforest Pediatric Care. Rainforest Pediatric Care brings sustainable board-certified pediatric medical care in Juneau for the long term.Our team works hard to provide the best possible care for the growth, development, health and wellness of your child. Families can make appointments for services such as well-child check-ups, school and sports examinations, immunizations, as well as diagnoses and treatment of acute illnesses, developmental screenings and guidance on behavioral and parenting concerns.