Dental Services

Dental health care at SEARHC encompasses the health of the entire mouth including teeth, gums, tongue, the roof of the mouth, and the areas inside of the lips and cheeks as well as under the tongue. Gum disease and tooth decay can be reversed or completely prevented with regular trips to the dentist and good oral care starting at a young age.

Beyond cleaning and repairing teeth and gums, our dentists can examine your mouth for signs of oral cancer and other mouth disorders, such as thrush, cold sores, canker sores, dry mouth, or saliva gland disorders.

SEARHC’s Dental Clinics are located in Haines, Juneau, Klawock, Sitka, and Wrangell.

  • Haines: SEARHC Haines Dental Clinic (907) 766-6372
  • Juneau: Juneau Dental Clinic 907.463.4041; Children’s Dental Clinic 907.789.KIDS (5437)
  • Klawock: Alicia Roberts Medical Center Dental Clinic 907.755.4918
  • Sitka: MEH Dental Clinic 907.966.8343
  • Wrangell: AICS Dental Clinic 907.874.3731

There are also scheduled provider trips and specialty clinics within other communities. Visit Traveling Clinics    for more information.

Children’s Dental Clinic in Juneau

The SEARHC Children’s Dental Clinic is staffed by board-certified pediatric dentists and outfitted with the latest in pediatric dental technology. The Children’s Dental Clinic will provide your child with a lifetime of healthy smiles.  All kids’ smiles are welcome from the first tooth to 17 years old.

Make an Appointment

Call 907.789.KIDS (5437) to make an appointment for your child today. The clinic is located at 3245 Hospital Drive.

Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists are the pediatricians of dentistry. They are best qualified to care for children’s oral health because they are specially trained for children’s unique needs. Their professional education includes two to three years of specialized study after becoming a dentist, emphasizing child psychology, special health care, and growth and development. They also take many continuing education courses each year to provide the latest and the best oral care treatment for your child.

Infants, preschoolers, children, and adolescents require different approaches to manage their behavior, to guide their dental growth and development, and to help them avoid future dental problems.

To help a child stay healthy, a pediatric dentist often works with pediatricians, other physicians, and other dental specialists. All children, whether healthy, chronically ill or physically or intellectually disabled, are served best through this team approach. The specialty is becoming even more important as advances in medicine and dentistry increase the life expectancy of children with chronic diseases and congenital problems.


We process most insurance for our patients, including Denali KidCare.

Community Traveling Dental Clinics

The SEARHC Dental Program frequently schedules dental field trips and specialty clinics at various facilities around the region. You may schedule your general dentistry and pediatric dentistry appointments, but the orthodontic and endodontic specialty clinics require a referral from a SEARHC dentist.

The pediatric dental clinics are for children younger than 18 years old who are enrolled in the state’s Denali KidCare program or are on Medicaid (clinic staff can help you enroll your children).

Local contact numbers are listed by each clinic for scheduling purposes. All scheduled clinics are subject to change.  View full schedule.


Pediatric Dentistry
Nov/Dec. TBD, Dr. Kim Hort
Contact 907.788.4655


Contact 907.766.6372


Contact 907.945.3235


Contact 907.463.4041


Contact 907.785.6542


Contact 907.755.4918


Contact 907.463.4041


Contact 907.966.8343


Contact 907.983.2314


Contact Yakutat Community Health Center, 907.784.3275 x117


Contact 907.874.3731