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Behavioral Health

SEARHC offers a wide range of behavioral health services and has psychiatrists and behavioral health therapists on staff. Available behavioral health services vary by site and program. Please contact your local clinic or provider for more information about which of these services they offer.

SEARHC Helpline

The SEARHC Helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to residents of Southeast Alaska. The crisis call center is staffed by a team of masters degree level mental health therapists who will listen and provide effective, compassionate and confidential care.

SEARHC 24/7 Helpline  |  1.877.294.0074

Community Family Services

SEARHC Community Family Services provides individualized prevention, substance abuse and/or behavioral health counseling services in communities throughout Southeast Alaska. Contact your local Behavioral Health Clinic to learn more about the services available:

Behavioral Health for Youth

SEARHC provides residential treatment for youth ages 12 to 18. We have a boys and girls programs as well as a co-ed program on our Raven’s Way campus in Juneau. Residents receive individual, group and family counseling. They also go through skill-building and educational programming, according to their individualized treatment plans. Our youth services include:

  • An individualized treatment and safety plan upon admission to the program.
  • Comprehensive clinical services including integrated behavioral health, individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy, with and without the youth.
  • Psychiatric assessments and medication management by a psychiatrist.
  • Professional case management services to coordinate medical and educational services as well as aftercare planning. The case managers ensure that the youth’s treatment team is informed about the treatment progress.

Learn more about our youth programs here: SEARHC Raven’s Way Campus

Behavioral Health Outpatient Services

Outpatient behavioral health services are available to patients who are currently in Alaska.

  • Juneau Behavioral Health Outpatient Services  |  907.364.4445
  • Behavioral Health Clinic in Sitka  |  907.966.8611
  • Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOT) in Sitka  |  907.966.8611

This program is for adults in Sitka dealing with substance abuse.  It provides intense, daily nonresidential substance abuse treatment while allowing patients to continue with necessary activities such as work, school and family responsibilities.

Telehealth Services

Your waiting room is ready. Your choice to use Telehealth Services will increase your access to quality healthcare and make for a healthier you. It’s simple to connect and see your healthcare provider from anywhere. All you need is a computer with a webcam (most computers already come with one installed) or a smart phone, and a connection to the Internet.

  1. Contact your local clinic or provider to see how this effects your appointment.
  2. Read the Informed Consent form for Telehealth Services. You may be requested to submit a signed copy before your first appointment.
  3. Follow these easy steps to check in for your appointment at ready Zoom, a secure and private telehealth website.

Finacial Assistance

If you don’t have health insurance, SEARHC’s Patient Health Benefits team is available to answer patient coverage questions. For assistance, please contact outreach@searhc.org or call 907.966.8662.