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Youth Vaping Leads to Adult Smoking

One in four high school students in Alaska said that they have used e-cigarettes, also called vaping. Vaping is becoming more popular in schools, with the effects harming their health. Reports show that youth are more likely to try vaping than adults. Tobacco companies spend about $16 million a year advertising to youth in Alaska. They make products that have fruity flavors, colorful packaging, and are placed in locations that youth frequent.

Vaping can open the door to trying other tobacco products, like cigarettes. Many people think e-cigarettes are a “healthy” alternative to cigarettes. This is not true. Both contain nicotine and other chemicals that are addicting and harmful to brain development. “Teens who vape are 3x more likely than non-vapers to become daily cigarette smokers.” (Alaska Quit Line – Not Buying It) Tobacco companies want to have a customer for life. They aim to attract kids so that they are addicted and spending money throughout their lifetime.

Prevention and education are key to keeping youth from starting to smoke e-cigarettes, or traditional cigarettes.

Resources for teens:

The SEARHC tobacco team can provide resources for schools, students, and parents. We offer educational training for school staff, vape and tobacco presentations, cessation resources and connections to state and national support services.

Contact us at for support.