Patient Health Benefits

SEARHC’s Patient Health Benefits program provides free help signing up for health insurance to Southeast Alaskans. If you need a helping hand choosing a plan with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Health Insurance Marketplace at, Medicare, Medicaid, the Tribally Sponsored Program or Veteran’s Benefits we can assist you. We can also help you with filing tribal, hardship, and affordability exemptions.

If you have not signed up for coverage, our team can help find the right fit for you and your family. Alaska Native and American Indians are covered by the Indian Health Service (IHS) for health care, however, having additional coverage expands the options and services available to you.

SEARHC Patient Health Benefit Assistance

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SEARHC Financial Counselors

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Important Tips

  • If you are currently covered by employer insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, Denali Kid Care or Veteran’s Benefits, you don’t need to file an exemption because you do have health insurance.
  • You may be eligible for the Tribally Sponsored Health Insurance Program. The program provides free additional health coverage if you are eligible (see flyer under the resource section).
  • If you currently use your IHS coverage without additional insurance, you will need to file an exemption. You can file the exemption when you do your taxes.
  • There are no longer paper applications to submit to the Health Insurance Marketplace for Alaska Native/American Indian exemptions.  You can however, file for a lifetime exemption number by paper.
  • Your lifetime exemption number can be used to file your taxes every year. You can also file a yearly exemption on IRS Form 8965.  The forms can be found on this web page under “Documents.”
  • If you fail to file an exemption or purchase additional insurance you will face a tax penalty of  $695/adult and $347.50/child (up to $2,085/family) or 2.5% of family income WHICHEVER is higher.


SEARHC assists with the following programs:

The Health Insurance Marketplace



Tribally Sponsored Health Insurance Program (TSHIP)

  • TSHIP flyer – General information, including income guidelines for eligibility
  • TSHIP FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Veteran’s Benefits

  • Application form
  • Serving Alaska Veterans – This video introduces Veterans to the three administrations of the VA — Health Care Administration, Benefits Administration, and Cemetery Administration. The video, produced in Alaska, may have relevance to Veterans throughout the United States who are eligible for benefits from the VA. Veterans are encouraged to make contact with the nearest VA. (Video published 07.14.16)

Contact Information

SEARHC Patient Health Benefits

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Affordable Care Act, Health Insurance Marketplace

Affordable Care Act Marketplace website
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