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Movetober - Stay Active & Be Seen this Fall

Movetober is here!

SEARHC is inviting you to participate in our physical activity program Movetober: Stay Active, Be Seen this Fall! This free, all-ages and inclusive program starts October 2 and runs through October 31. All Southeast Alaskans are encouraged to join in on the fun! As the leaves begin to fall we want you to join our community of people who want to enhance their physical activity levels while staying safe as we move into the darker fall months. The best movement is the one you know you can complete – biking, hiking, fishing, swimming, dancing, playing, or walking the dog. 

The program starts on October 2. Every week you’ll make a personal fitness goal based on the minutes you spent being active. Every Monday you’ll receive an email from our team with instructions to submit the active minutes you achieved. You must submit your minutes by midnight each Monday to be entered for weekly prizes. We’ve got a great lineup of prizes for you, your kids and your pet.  If you stay on track to finish off the month, the better your chances are to win big! If you log all four weeks, you’ll be entered into a grand prize drawing for a reflective jacket!

Every Wednesday from 12:15-12:45 p.m. we’re also hosting virtual education sessions via Zoom featuring guest speakers from SEARHC’s Behavioral Health, Wisewoman, Nutrition Services and Physical Therapy programs to support your Movetober goals.

Do you want to increase your odds of winning a prize? Post a photo, story, or reel on social media (Facebook or Instagram) about your Movetober experience and use the hashtag #movetober in your post to receive additional entries in the weekly drawings.

  1. REGISTER here for the program.
    -NEED A TRACKING TOOL? download a tracker pdf HERE
  4. ATTEND Virtual Education on Oct. 4, 11, 18, 25 & Nov. 1st.

For more information please reach out to Amanda Roberts at amandar@searhc.org, 907.966.8745


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Virtual Education Sessions

Session 1: Movetember

ZOOM Video Replay
View PDF slides HERE

Session 2: Cancer Prevention

ZOOM Video Replay
Movetober 2023 Cancer Prevention
2023 Income Form for WISEWOMAN Women’s Healthzq
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month PDF

Session 3: Behavioral Health

ZOOM Video Replay

Session 4: Nutrition

ZOOM Video Replay