As a proud Southeast Alaska community, we are stronger together.

By building the best possible healthcare network, SEARHC empowers each member of our community, from our eldest to our youngest, to be their healthiest, their strongest.

In providing health for all, we’ll reach new heights and ensure our communities grow stronger, together, and have the healthcare everyone deserves for generations to come.

We are dedicated to serving you. We look forward to seeing you. Health. For All.

Authentic Imagery

This campaign incorporates authentic Southeast imagery and video, including the background illustration that subtly appears in the media. This artwork was crafted by Alaska Native artist, Rico Worl, adding some additional cultural significance. The following shares more insight into the illustration’s meaning:

  • General theme – People being uplifted by good healthcare.
  • Human figure (center) the hands on the sides holding her up are also the wings of the Thunderbird. The Thunderbird is associated with health, and “we are trained to reach in towards our chest and throw our illness away for the Thunderbird to carry off when we hear thunder.”
  • The soul catcher design (top) depicts the system of traditional healing.
  • The faces (bottom corners) represent the people who work in the healthcare system who support it all.