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The Angoon village offers a rich history to explore. The traditional Clan houses and their totems serve as the backdrop for its residents strong ties’ to the Tlingit culture which is upheld through day-to-day subsistence activities and community celebrations.

In 2004, SEARHC opened a brand new, 7,700 square foot clinic in Angoon, located next to the community post office. The clinic is three times larger, with twice as many exam rooms and emergency room beds as the previous facility.

The Jessie Norma Jim Health Center provides a variety of services that include dental, psychiatry, psychology, family and youth therapy, village behavioral health, substance abuse prevention and treatment.

Jessie Norma Jim Health Center

725 Relay Road, Angoon, AK 99820
P.O. Box 290, Angoon, AK 99820

P: 907.788.4600

F: 907.788.3180

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