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April 2024 Will Mark SEARHC’s 20 Years of Tobacco Free Campuses

April 9, 2024
Wellness & Wisdom Blog

April 2024 will mark SEARHC’s 20-year anniversary of tobacco-free campuses! SEARHC is proud to have been the first Alaska Native Health Consortium to make this commitment. It remains a crucial step in addressing health disparities, as tobacco use continues to have a devastating impact on the health and lives of Alaska Native people as well as all people of this region, state and nation. SEARHC continues to strive to support employees, patients and visitors in being as healthy as can be, including encouraging a tobacco-free lifestyle. Since the adoption of the tobacco-free campus policy, many strides have been made to implement additional policies to further promote health and wellness across our facilities.

SEARHC paved the way in establishing an electronic referral system in health records that connects patients interested in quitting tobacco use with Alaska’s Tobacco Quit Line to receive free cessation services. Once the referral is submitted, a representative from the Quit Line will contact the patient within 24-48 hours. Training modules were developed to provide guidance to SEARHC staff on supporting tobacco cessation and completing the electronic referral to the Quit Line on a patient’s behalf.

Nicotine replacement therapies including patches, gum and lozenges can be an effective tool for quitting tobacco use. SEARHC continues to remove barriers in accessing these important products, giving patients the option to receive them directly through the SEARHC pharmacy without a provider prescription, if preferred.

According to Klawock SEARHC Health Educator, Kelsey Evans, “It’s been really great to see the increase in provider and patient support with our pharmacies and ability to pick up nicotine replacement therapy products while in the clinics and hospitals. It really improves access for our patients when they are ready to quit.”

Patients may also contact Alaska’s Tobacco Quit Line directly to receive free support, including quit coaching and nicotine replacement therapy by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669), visiting alaskaquitline.com, or texting READY to 34191, it’s that easy!

Patients are encouraged to talk with their provider to discuss a plan to begin their quit journey. To make an appointment today, contact SEARHC at 907.463.0400.

Resources: https://alaskaquitline.com/

Listen to Amanda Roberts on KCAW for a morning interview as she discusses current tobacco-free programs and services provided by SEARHC online here.

Amanda Roberts

Amanda Roberts is a SEARHC Health Educator, born and raised in Sitka, Alaska. Amanda has dedicated 21 years to serving her community through SEARHC, with 14 years focused on public health under the State of Alaska Tobacco Prevention and Control grant. Her passion lies in tobacco prevention, policy, cessation and education. Committed to fostering community wellness, Amanda collaborates with partner organizations and coalitions to enact positive change in Sitka and Southeast Alaska, striving for healthier environments and lifestyle choices for future generations.

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