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Living In Angoon

What to See and Do

The Angoon village offers a rich history to explore. The traditional Clan houses and their totems serve as the backdrop for its residents strong ties’ to the Tlingit culture which is upheld through day-to-day subsistence activities and community celebrations.

For those who enjoy kayaking, a 32-mile trail system begins in Angoon and links to eight major lakes and seven portages; allowing paddlers to travel from the east end of Mitchell Bay to Mole Harbor in Seymour Canal. For those who prefer to hike, a sand spit and an observation tower along the creek are accessible via a one-mile trail.

Angoon is served by a single general store, Angoon Trading Company. The store offers a variety of items, albeit in limited supply. Items you may find in the store include groceries and clothing, lumber and hardware; and gifts and sundries.

Where to Live

Rentals are about $707 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. Median home value is $165,800.

How to Get Around


Alaska Seaplanes offers daily floatplane service to Angoon. By seaplane, it’s a 30-minute trip. You’ll land on the water and taxi to the floatplane dock, which is about ¼ of a mile from town.


Angoon is not accessible by road.


Angoon is accessible by ferry twice a week. The ferry is a five-hour trip from Juneau, followed by a 3-mile trek into town.

Open Positions

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Map View of Angoon