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SEARHC WISEWOMAN and re:fresh FITNESS team up for women’s heart health

SITKA – More women die from heart disease and stroke than any other cause in Alaska.  While most people associate the heart with feelings of love during February, SEARHC and re:fresh FITNESS studio want to remind women that your heart is an incredible machine that pumps for you 24 hours a day. Like any machine, hearts need proper fuel, tune-ups, and maintenance.

Heart problems are typically not felt until middle age or later, but the choices made throughout the lifespan affect the heart.  The risk for heart problems is much higher for those who use tobacco or electronic nicotine delivery devices. Poor nutrition, stress, and lack of exercise play significant roles in heart health as well.

SEARHC WISEWOMAN offers free women’s health screenings for any woman age 30-64 who qualifies by income. These screenings include a women’s health visit with a medical provider, Pap smear, mammogram and heart health check-up. SEARHC WISEWOMAN will also host a free open house for women on Thursday, February 23, from 2:30-7pm.WISEWOMAN staff will share Information on the program, as well as their Healthy Lifestyle Sessions. Those interested in learning more should call Kate Croft at 966-8782.

re:fresh FITNESS Studio in Sitka offers a variety of exercise options for busy women and includes healthy snacks for those on the go. In partnership with SEARHC WISEWOMAN during the month of February, re:fresh FITNESS will offer free classes once per week to interested women. Contact Emily Davis at 747-7511 to request a schedule or visitwww.thestudiobyemily.com.