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Patient Support

Established in 1975, SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) is one of the largest Native-run healthcare organizations in the United States. As an independent and nonprofit health consortium, SEARHC provides health-related services in 27 communities throughout Southeast Alaska.

We provide advanced care in the fields of behavioral health, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, laboratory, x-ray, nutrition, and wellness. SEARHC is an industry leader in Telehealth services, and our cutting edge electronic health record system makes us a leader in the continuity of care. Our approach to health care is simple: we care about the people we serve and strive to raise the bar whenever possible. We hope the following information will help you better understand our health care system.

Patient Experience

Questions, Comments, Concerns or Compliments?

SEARHC’s Patient Experience Representatives are here to address your questions and concerns.  Your comments are important to us.  Emails will be answered during business hours Monday through Friday.  Customer experience feedback and other patient comments are regularly reviewed by the hospital and clinic administration and department managers, and a summary of responses is provided to the SEARHC Accreditation Governing Body.

If you have a question, comment or concern about your experience, please contact a Patient Experience Representative at 1.907.966.8422 or email us at patientfeedback@searhc.org.

Visit Patient Experience for additional information.

About Your Bill

Questions? Call 866.204.8097

Hours of Operation
Monday–Friday 9:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M.

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Thank you for making SEARHC your health care provider of choice. We appreciate the trust you place in us to take care of you and your loved ones. Our high-quality care extends beyond clinical care to our business services as well. To make the billing and payment process as understandable as possible, we have staff available to help. For those using insurance, we will bill your insurance carrier directly.

If you have questions or concerns about your SEARHC bill, please contact us toll-free at 1.877.966.8433, Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. AKST. Our representatives are available to assist with the following:

  • Explain your SEARHC bill
  • Add new insurance
  • Provide a statement of your SEARHC account
  • Tell you your SEARHC balance
  • Help you make a payment

If SEARHC referred you for care to a provider outside the SEARHC system and you have questions about a bill you received from that provider, please contact SEARHC Purchased/Referred Care (PRC) at 1.866.966.8316.

Once again, thank you for choosing SEARHC.

To pay your bill, follow this link.

Patient Health Benefits

Questions? Call 907.966.8662 or 8920, or 8405

Hours of Operation
Monday–Friday 8:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M.

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SEARHC’s Patient Health Benefits program provides free help to Southeast Alaskans. If you need a helping hand with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Health Insurance Marketplace at Healthcare.gov, Medicare, Medicaid, the Tribally Sponsored Program or Veteran’s Benefits we can assist you. We will also help you with filing tribal, hardship, and affordability exemptions.

If you have not signed up for coverage, our team can help find the right fit for you and your family. Alaska Native and American Indians are covered by the Indian Health Service for health care, however, getting additional coverage expands your options and services.

SEARHC Patient Health Benefit Assistance

907.966.8662 | 907.966.8883 | or toll-free at 1.855.966.8684

Patient Policies

Some SEARHC facilities are classified as Community Health Centers and receive funding from the U.S. Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA) for providing health services in underserved areas.

Click Patient Policies for additional information.

Financial Counselors

Financial Counselors can assist with questions and concerns regarding your benefits, bills and estimates. Please call 907.966.1733 or 907.966.8412 to contact a Financial Counselor.

Financial Assistance

Some SEARHC facilities are classified as Community Health Centers and receive funding from the U.S. Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA) for providing health services in underserved areas.

Click Patient Health Benefits for additional information.

Price Transparency

Price transparency helps purchasers gain visibility to healthcare costs; guides the consumers’ healthcare decisions due to their financial responsibility; and reduces price variation in the system. Improved visibility leads to improved cost control.