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Move for a Cause

Hike, Bike, Walk or Run

The fitness mission began May 1st with over 700 community participants and after four arduous weeks, 212 people of all ages persevered and continued moving all month long in support of two charitable causes.

In honor of everyone’s participation, SEARHC donated $1,590 to Coast Alaska, public radio in Southeast, and $1,590 to Southeast Alaska Food Bank.



“Knowing that meeting my movement goals would contribute to supporting organizations was motivating.  It helped me to get up and get moving outside, even in the rain.”

“I just completed a weight-loss period in my life and was ready to focus on workouts again. I have never been a runner but I set a goal to work up to running a 5K by the end of the month. This challenge gave me the motivation I needed to stay on track and meet my goal! I went from running half a mile at a time to a full 3.1 miles with focus, accountability, and determination…!”

“Move for a Cause came just in time to get out and enjoy our spring, especially after a long year dealing with this pandemic. My goal was to walk at least 2 miles a day or more. I exceeded that goal! I plan to continue my daily routine of exercise because physically, mentally and emotionally, I do feel better!”

“Before starting this Move For a Cause, I was just starting to try to walk more…But now that I joined this cause, it restored my “want” to get out and try new things! I have gone hiking in the woods with my sister, I have gone on walks with my husband with our dogs, I have done yoga (which was a new thing for me)… I saw a sharp incline in my mental health due to getting out and trying new things…a healthier life is a healthier mind. I feel like this was such a great challenge for me and I will continue going out and exploring more! Thank you so much.”





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