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Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment Closes December 15

SITKA – The open enrollment period for obtaining or changing insurance plans through the Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Marketplace is half over.  Southeast Alaskans are encouraged to visit www.healthcare.gov, or call the toll free 24/7 Marketplace line at 1.800.318.2596, to apply or renew their health coverage by the December 15 deadline.

It can be difficult to navigate the process of applying for health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, so the SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) team would like to remind people that they are available to help ALL people apply for or renew insurance on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Depending on your income, age and family size, you may be eligible for assistance paying for your monthly premiums and other out of pocket expenses.  For example, if you are a single person that makes between $21,528 and $62,400, you may be eligible for assistance to lower your costs.  If you are over income for subsidies, you may want to consider joining a National Health Care Sharing Ministry that covers medical expenses.

Individuals between the ages of 19-64 making less than $21,528 and married couples making less than $29,159 may be eligible for Medicaid.  You can apply for Medicaid throughout the year through the Marketplace, by paper application, or on the My Alaska website.

“Now is the time to look into affordable health coverage,” said Andrea Thomas, SEARHC Patient Health Benefits Manager.  “The majority of those that apply for health insurance on the Marketplace can get low-cost plans.  SEARHC Patient Health Benefit staff are specially trained to help people navigate the process of getting insurance coverage and avoid common Marketplace pitfalls. I strongly encourage anyone that would like to explore their options to contact our office.”

SEARHC is a Certified Application Counselor agency offering free assistance to all Southeast residents by appointment, either in person or by telephone.  Those interested are encouraged to contact the Patient Health Benefits office at outreach@searhc.org or 907.966.8883.