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Kick Butts Day - Youth Art Activism

Student artists from Juneau-Douglas High School and Thunder Mountain High School have created art installations that expose the Tobacco Industry’s deceitful marketing and youth targeting strategies. This event will help spread awareness of tobacco’s toll, encourage youth to take a stand against these trends, and provide information about resources for quitting tobacco. The art installations will consist of a “graffiti wall” with messaging about tobacco’s influence and personal statements, and a display of “Airing out Big Tobacco’s Dirty Laundry” with quotes from the tobacco industry painted on laundry items on a clothesline. Students will display these art installations on Wednesday, March 16, at the Heritage Coffee Roasting Co. (130 Front Street) in Juneau. SEARHC’s Health Promotion program will provide tobacco-related education/outreach activities at the café from 3-5:30pm to engage the public in this important issue.