Kake Health Center

Phone: (907)785-3333

Fax: (907)785-3136

PO Box 605
Kake, AK 99830
Location: 105 Totem Way


Mon-Fri 8am-Noon & 1pm-5pm


Call the After-Hours Nurse Advice Line 1-800-613-0560
to reach a Registered Nurse for answers to your health questions.
*Callers with life-threatening symptoms, please call 911 or visit the 
nearest emergency room immediately.

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Services Provided


  • Nurse Practitioners
  • CHAP
  • CSFW
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Community wellness advocate
  • Behavioral health prevention specialist
  • Youth community coordinator
  • Dental health aide
  • Radiology
  • Community family service workers
  • Tele-behavioral health
  • Health promotion


  • Physician from Sitka
  • Dentist and hygienist from Sitka
  • Pediatric dental specialist
  • Behavioral health clinician from Sitka
  • Tobacco cessation by phone
  • Regional clinical supervisor from Haines
  • Audiologist from Sitka
  • Optometrist
  • Registered Dietitian from Juneau
  • Health promotion program from Sitka
  • Injury prevention from Sitka
  • WIC nutrition program
  • Mobile mammography services from Juneau
  • Breast and cervical health program
  • WISEWOMAN from Sitka
  • Environmental health technical support
  • Remote maintenance worker site visit and support
  • Patient Experience Representative from Sitka


Healthcare Providers