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Living In Hydaburg

Hydaburg, population ~400, is located on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island, surrounded by the Tongass National Forest.

What to See and Do

Visit the Civilian Conservation Corps totem park and enjoy hiking, fishing, camping, canoeing and kayaking in the surrounding area.

Hydaburg has a small convenience store and a branch of The Alaska Commercial Company with restaurants available in the nearby communities of Klawock and Craig.

Where to Live

Rentals are about $475 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. Median home value is $77,400.

How to Get Around


Alaska Airlines services the community of Ketchikan and from there it is possible to connect with a small air carrier to Prince of Wales. There are several air carriers that offer services to the island communities. Each community has regular air service, but some communities only have once a week service.


Visitors can bring their own vehicles to Prince of Wales on the ferry, or there are car rental services on the Island.


Prince of Wales Island is accessible via the Inter-Island Ferry Authority (IFA)’s daily service from Ketchikan. Travelers on Alaska’s Marine Highway System (AMHS) simply need to transfer at the docks in Ketchikan and purchase a separate ticket. The IFA ferry takes passengers to the Island community of Hollis, which is 32 miles from Hydaburg on the Prince of Wales Island road system.

Open Positions

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Map View of Hydaburg