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The Right Tool for Men’s Health

We don’t need a study to tell us men are more hesitant than women to see a primary care provider, although those studies certainly exist.  In honor of National Men’s Health month, SEARHC is encouraging all men to make an appointment for preventative care. Preventative medicine is the type of treatment we can get to protect us from illnesses, disease, or other health problems before they even start.

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There are so many reasons why men should go to a medical provider regularly. An annual physical exam is a protection against serious illnesses like cancer, where early detection is key. Establishing a relationship with a primary care provider means you will get expert advice from someone who knows your history. Why miss out on simple tips to avoid aches and pains as you grow older, or why not take advantage of someone you can confide in about depression, addiction or erectile dysfunction?  Your primary care provider can refer you to specialists, but only if you come in and get diagnosed.

If you haven’t seen your provider in a while, prepare in advance for a meaningful conversation about your health circumstances. Jot down family history, including the health status of your parents, siblings and grandparents. Are there patterns of disease that run in the family? This paints a more holistic picture of potential concerns to your health.  If you schedule an appointment because of an ailment or injury, make a detailed list of your symptoms and when you began experiencing them. The more information you can provide, the more tools your provider has to speed up your recovery.

At SEARHC, we understand that it is human nature to postpone seeing a medical provider when feeling healthy.  To celebrate Men’s Health Month, we are introducing a fun way to encourage men to make an appointment.

Make healthcare a useful tool

SEARHC has created a collectible multitool that fits in a  wallet and carries a message of good health. The useful pocket-sized tool is a constant reminder that accessing quality healthcare through regular checkups is using the right tool to stay healthy.

Where can I get one?

SEARHC staff are handing out these complimentary multitools to patients in-office after they have completed their next provider visit or check-up. Make an appointment with your medical provider today so you can get a free, limited edition wallet-sized multitool.

Spread the word

Spread the word to friends and family about this special campaign by taking photos of the proud men in your life using their multitool, and share your favorite stories about how they stay healthy. Don’t forget to tag SEARHC on your favorite social media channel. The more stories you share, the more likely your neighbors and friends will be to share their men’s health stories too. We look forward to celebrating Men’s Health Month with you and giving the men of Southeast the tools needed for living a healthy life.

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