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Thank Her

In honor of National Women’s Health month, SEARHC is launching a special campaign to inspire women in Southeast Alaska to celebrate their overall health. Each of us has important women in our lives that do the little things from day to day to keep us healthy and strong. Whether they are family members who prepare healthy meals, trusted friends we exercise and diet with, or coworkers who give us valuable advice, thousands of women in Southeast contribute to the overall health of our communities. The women in our lives deserve our gratitude and SEARHC has come up with a fun way to give it.

Pink-colored "Thank You" pin with white text showcasing hand-drawn fonts.


Give a pin of “Thanks!”

SEARHC has created a collectible “Thank You” pin that we are handing out to everyone in our communities. Grab a pin and give it to a special woman in your life that has contributed to your overall health and happiness. As you give them this pin of thanks, let them know that what they do to keep you healthy and happy is deeply appreciated. Remind them to take some time for themselves to honor their own health and happiness. The SEARHC “Thank You” pin is a fun, unique way to create awareness surrounding women’s health.

Where can I get one?

You will find our collectible, limited edition “Thank You” pins at numerous locations in Southeast. You can pick up your pin at SEARHC clinics and local shops.

Give the gift of good health

Give the gift of good health by sharing some valuable resources SEARHC provides for all women in the Southeast. Please share the links below with the women you care about most:

Spread the word

Spread the word to friends and family about this special campaign by taking photos of the cherished women in your lives wearing their “Thank You” pins and share your favorite stories about healthy living.  Don’t forget to tag SEARHC on your favorite social media channel. The more stories you share, the more likely your neighbors and your friends will share their women’s health stories too. This will extend the positivity of Women’s Health Month beyond May and into the rest of the year. We look forward to celebrating Women’s Health Month with you and giving thanks to the women who keep you healthy!

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