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SEARHC Outreach team adds Saturday office hours during this year’s shortened open enrollment period

SITKA — This year the Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment period is only six weeks; November 1 through December 15, 2017. To help maximize SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium’s (SEARHC) ability to assist as many Southeast Alaska residents as possible, the SEARHC Outreach and Enrollment Team in Sitka will open their office each Saturday during open enrollment from 10 am-4 pm in addition to their usual weekly schedule of Monday through Friday, 8 am-5 pm.

The SEARHC Outreach and Enrollment Staff have four trained Certified Application Counselors that can help individuals navigate the Health Insurance Marketplace by phone anywhere in Southeast Alaska, and have three office locations for in-person assistance, one in Juneau and two in Sitka. 

“We help everyone! This year the cost of health insurance has gone down, so we encourage everyone to explore their options,” said Andrea Thomas, SEARHC Outreach and Enrollment Manager. She added, “The Outreach and Enrollment team also helps with Marketplace and Medicaid renewals. It is crucial to update your information every year to get the best price and ensure your needs are covered.”

From start to finish, SEARHC Outreach & Enrollment can help people identify which program they may be eligible for with a short series of screening questions, walk you through the enrollment process, and are available to assist if any problems arise after coverage. “Don’t be shy to ask us questions,” said Susan Briles, Outreach & Enrollment Specialist, “we are more than happy to help.”

To schedule an in-person or telephone appointment Monday through Saturday, individuals can call one of SEARHC’s Outreach & Enrollment Specialists. In Sitka, call Susan Briles, 907-966-8662, Michaela Dunlap, 907-966-8920 or Outreach & Enrollment Manager, Andrea Thomas at 907-966-8883. Those in Juneau can call Mariah Enloe at 907-364-4589. People may also call toll-free, 1-855-966-8684 or email them at outreach@searhc.org.