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SEARHC Introduces Continuous Glucose Monitoring Program for Patients in Haines with Type II Diabetes

This summer, SEARHC launched a Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) pilot program at the Haines Health Center using the Freestyle Libre Pro. The program has a multidisciplinary team approach consisting of Lisa Schwartz, RN, CDE, Kate Fossman, RD, CDE, and Dr. Adam McMahan.

The team chose the Freestyle Libre Pro because it differs from other home glucose meters, in that the data is not visible to the patient. This CGM, also commonly referred to as “flash glucose monitoring” tracks a patient’s blood sugar throughout the day and night and automatically records glucose levels every 15 minutes. Instead of basing clinical decisions on a snapshot of blood sugars, providers can help patients manage their diabetes by obtaining glucose data over a two week period.

Photo: Lisa Schwartz, RN (left), Joleen Hotch/patient (middle), and Kate Fossman, RD (right).

The pilot program can accept 10-20 patients with Type II Diabetes, at least 18 years old, willing to attend three appointments (an introductory appointment, an intervention appointment midway through the program, and a “conclusion” visit at the end), fill out brief patient surveys and have diabetic labs within a reasonable period pre and post-program.

The purpose of the program is to get baseline information on a patient’s blood sugar and then make adjustments to the patient’s medication and suggestions for lifestyle changes. The team then continues to observe whether the changes improved the patient’s management of their diabetes.

The benefit to patients participating in this type of program is allowing them to work with their healthcare team regularly to balance their medications, nutrition, and physical activity as well as manage their blood sugar better.

The team is pleased to report, so far patients have said using CGM is motivating, empowering and calming because it puts their minds at ease regarding fear of hidden hypoglycemic events.

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