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SEARHC Donates to Sitka Community Land Trust for Affordable Housing

SITKA – On Saturday, February 23 SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) donated $25,000 to the Sitka Community Land Trust (SCLT) in support of more economical housing at the Affordable Housing Fair. The funds are for Phase I site development of Halibut Point Cottages in Sitka to complete the soil remediation and finalize site prep work. With funding secured, construction of Phase I, which includes seven cottage-style homes, should begin this spring. Phase II includes construction of seven additional cottages on adjacent land that the City and Borough of Sitka committed to the SCLT pending Phase I completion.

SCLT Project Manager Randy Hughey stated, “SEARHC’s donation is important in that it will allow SCLT to cover the cost of the soil remediation for the buyers, keeping the home prices affordable.”

“This donation will have a tremendously positive impact,” said SCLT Executive Director Mim McConnell. “Receiving a donation of this size from a local and regional organization shows strong support for the SCLT. It will help leverage other donations both locally and from state and national foundations.”

The SCLT is a nonprofit entity whose parent organization, the Sitka Community Development Corporation, formed in 2006. The SCLT’s goal is creating community-supported, sustainable, and affordable homeownership in Sitka and throughout Southeast Alaska. The SCLT combats the high cost of owning a home in Sika by acquiring land and building small homes. The trust retains ownership of the land, and the owners purchase only the structure. Prospective homeowners’ income must classify as low to moderate to qualify for an SCLT home.

“Safe and affordable housing is critical for a community to be healthy,” said SEARHC President and Chief Executive Officer Charles Clement. “We are honored to partner with the SCLT on making this a reality.”