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SEARHC awarded $1M grant for diabetes care and prevention

SITKA – SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) is honored to have recently been awarded a $1,039,603 grant by Indian Health Service (IHS) as part of the Special Diabetes Program for Indians. The annual grant supports diabetes care and prevention services at SEARHC facilities throughout Southeast Alaska for five years, potentially bringing more than 5 million dollars to the region to help patients.  

Diabetes rates are rapidly increasing, but connecting patients with the right care and expertise can help prevent new cases of diabetes and reduce complications. The IHS grant allows funding for diabetes nurse case managers, dietitians, podiatrists, health educators, and other services.

SEARHC has on-site diabetes staff in its Sitka, Juneau, Haines, Klawock, and Kake facilities. Diabetes care providers also regularly travel to village locations as well as provide visits using secure video conferencing. 

“We are excited to continue providing high-quality medical care for people living with diabetes, so they are empowered to manage their conditions and live life fully,” says Sara Beaber-Fujioka, Project Coordinator for the SEARHC IHS diabetes grant. “This grant also funds multiple options for supporting people in making healthy lifestyle choices and changes.” 

SEARHC offers a comprehensive array of services to help people manage and prevent diabetes. Services include education to help people living with diabetes manage their health, primary care provider visits, dietitian visits, medications, foot care, and case management. SEARHC also offers optometry and dental services to address the special screening and care needs of people living with diabetes.

Health educators at SEARHC also offer a broad range of prevention services, including brief counseling to help patients set and meet health goals, multi-session class series, and community outreach events. SEARHC services are available to all SEARHC patients.

Anyone interested in learning more is encouraged to call their local clinic.