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Traci Gale, PharmD



Primary Location

Mt. Edgecumbe Medical Center

Education and Experience

Ms. Gale earned her Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Illinois, Chicago. She started her career as a staff pharmacist at the Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center on the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon. Traci was the Acting Director of Pharmacy when she decided to work in hospital pharmacy. She moved to Sitka to accept a job at Mt. Edecumbe Hospital. Traci started in Sitka as a staff pharmacist and eventually moved into the role of Assistant Chief, then Chief of Pharmacy for MEH. She now serves as the Director of Pharmacy for SEARHC.

Traci has been working for SEARHC since 1995. She fell in love with the people and the community and decided to make Sitka her home. During her many years with SEARHC Traci says she has met many wonderful people who have been willing to share their culture, their experiences and their families with her and have trusted her to take care of them.

Awards and Honors

MEH Staff of the Season; US Public Health Service Commendation Medal; Field Medical Readiness Badge; Outstanding Unit Citation; Caring Employee of the Month; Crisis Response Service Award; Quality Improvement Award; Certificate of Appreciation; Public Health Service Citation; and Unit Commendation

Personal Interests

Professionally Traci enjoys expanding the role of pharmacists in the management of chronic diseases to improve the quality of life of the people she serves.

Outside the office, Traci loves to read, hike and camp in beautiful Southeast Alaska. She also enjoys teaching kickboxing classes and skating in roller derby.