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Photo of Dan Newmeister

Dan Neumeister

Leadership Team

Senior Executive Vice President

Dan Neumeister has been a Senior Healthcare Executive with a 25+ year record of distinguished service as both CEO and COO.

As a trusted leader known for developing high-performing teams while building cultures of collaboration and accountability, he came to SEARHC in April 2013 and immediately took on the task of assessing the needs of the Consortium and restructuring its operations. The goal was not only to secure the financial future of SEARHC but to set the stage for being the provider of choice and the employer of choice in Southeast Alaska.

Dan received a BS in Management from San Diego State University and an MS in Healthcare Administration from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. He has also been successful in various leadership positions throughout his career including non-profit community-based tertiary medical centers, district hospitals, critical access hospitals, and federally qualified health centers and clinics.