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Cora M. Roberts, DHAT



Primary Location

Hoonah Health Center Dental Clinic

Education and Experience

Cora Roberts graduated from Hoonah City Schools. She received her Associate of Arts in Business Administration (AABA) in Visual Communication from American Intercontinental University. Cora completed the Dental Health Aide Therapy Educational Program through the University of Washington’s DENTEX Program in Alaska. She is a Dental Health Aide Therapist, certified by the Community Health Aide Certification Board.

Cora worked as the Food & Beverage Assistant Manager at Icy Strait Point and as the SEARHC building attendant in Hoonah. She now works for SEARHC Dental as the Dental Health Aide Therapist. Cora says “The SEARHC departments and workers in Hoonah work well together to provide the best care for their community. I feel honored to serve my hometown of Hoonah at SEARHC Dental.”

Personal Interests

Cora’s professional interests are striving to prevent and educate about tooth decay. Her personal interests are family, arts and crafts, and subsistence fishing, hunting and berry picking.