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Ciara Ray, OTR/L


Occupational Therapy

Primary Location

Mountainside Rehabilitation Clinic


Nationally Board-Certified Occupational Therapist

Education and Experience

Ciara Ray, OTR/L, is a dedicated and nationally board-certified Occupational Therapist with a heartfelt commitment to enhancing the lives of families and children. Holding a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Puget Sound in Washington state, Ciara brings a wealth of experience across various settings, including early intervention, outpatient pediatric services, aquatic therapy, social skills groups and school-based occupational therapy. Her certifications in Therapeutic Listening, Promoting First Relationships and Parent Coaching reflect her specialized focus on holistic family support.

Ciara is passionate about employing a Parent/Caregiver Coaching Model, emphasizing the importance of supporting and educating entire family systems for long-term success. Success for Ciara is not only measured in therapeutic milestones but in ensuring that the children, parents and caregivers she works with feel confident, informed and successful in all aspects of their lives. Ciara finds immense reward in teaching, advocacy, listening, learning and partnering with her clients.

Personal Interests

Beyond her professional pursuits, Ciara enjoys time spent indoors and outdoors with her husband, Marcus, two corgis, Gryffindor and Roo, and their hairless cat, Periwrinkle. Ciara’s leisure activities include re-watching favorite shows, re-reading beloved books, cooking with Lord of the Rings in the background, playing Stardew Valley, and enjoying walks with a cup of coffee.