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Arielle Cawston, DHAT



Primary Location

Hoonah Health Center Dental Clinic


Associate of Applied Science in Dental Health Therapy

Education and Experience

Arielle’s dental journey started in 2015, where she was a dental assistant trainee at Indian Health Services in north central Washington. Arielle’s passion for dentistry grew quickly as she began to understand the dental disease process and how it was preventable. After welcoming her baby, she jumped at an opportunity to become a Dental Health Aide Therapist. She graduated from Ilisagvik College in 2019 with a degree in Dental Health Therapy.

After Arielle began her practice, she wanted to honor patients that experience historical trauma by recognizing that historical does not mean old; it could mean yesterday, a month ago or even last year. She cannot rewrite history, but can offer a welcoming, non-judgmental environment for people to come and seek the care they regularly need.

Arielle welcomes patients of all ages and need levels. Each treatment plan is individually tailored and the rate at which treatment is completed is patient driven. She explains the services available and offers suggestions on how to maintain a healthy oral environment at home. Arielle utilizes techniques such as Minimal Invasive Dentistry. For treatment techniques outside of her scope, she works closely with her supervising dentist and referral specialist to help get them the necessary care.

Personal Interests

As a young person, Arielle was taught that water is the most sacred thing humans have. Nothing can live without water and because of that she believes we should always honor and respect water. This value connected Arielle to her love for the outdoors. Her family spends free time by the creek, lake, or bay. Whether she is hiking, swimming or just soaking up the sun, she is always participating in activities near the water. Hoonah has much to offer and she is excited to join the community and see all its beauty.