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Living with type 2 diabetes?

Sitka | Every Saturday  9:30am – Noon | Feb 3 – Mar 10 | First Presbyterian Church | 505 Sawmill Creek Road

Learn healthy tips to manage your symptoms

SEARHC’s free Diabetes Self-Management classes can teach you how to eat and sleep better, create an action plan and manage day-to-day activities. Taught by trained leaders, the interactive class will help improve your quality of life by covering the following topics:

• How to deal with pain, fatigue, and emotional distress
• Exercises for strength and endurance
• Healthy eating and taking medications

To register contact

Kelly Lakin RD, LD, Diabetes Case Manager, Diabetes Educator, klakin@searhc.org, 907.966.8369
Heleena van Veen, Health Educator, heleenav@searhc.org, 907.966.8914