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SEARHC October Health Promotion Sessions

Start in early October  |  12-week sessions  |  Juneau, Sitka, Klawock, Haines  |  Free

Free chronic disease prevention program of 16 weeks of classes and lifestyle coaching open to anyone for whom these goals are appropriate:

  1. Weight loss of 7%
  2. Increasing physical activity up to 150 minutes/week

To enroll talk with your SEARHC provider. If you are a candidate, your provider can complete an EHR Consult for Health Promotion Sessions, that includes a sign-off of medical clearance for the 2 goals above. A form will be available soon for patients who do not have a SEARHC provider. 

Class start dates:

  • Juneau 10/19/16
  • Sitka 10/11/16
  • Klawock 10/6/16
  • Haines 10/19/16

For information contact Jessika Beam  966-8797