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“Grow. Harvest. Eat.” reminds community local is best

PRINCE OF WALES – The Prince of Wales Health Network (POWHN) is a collaborative effort between Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium’s (SEARHC) Alicia Roberts Medical Center, State of Alaska Craig Public Health Center, Community Connections, Alaska Island Community Services (AICS), PeaceHealth Medical Group Prince of Wales, Whale Tail Pharmacy, and the Southeast Dental Center, Inc.

The mission of POWHN is to build a strong and sustainable network of healthcare organizations collaborating to strengthen the healthcare system on Prince of Wales Island, increase access to quality healthcare for all island residents far into the future, and increase the awareness of resources, educational opportunities, and wellness activities.

Since the Network’s inception, partner agencies have collaboratively addressed several health care issues that are important to the people of POW. This year, the Network’s plan includes a focus on locally grown and harvested foods as a tool for community members to improve and maintain their health with their initiative, “Grow. Harvest. Eat.” Its mission is to educate and remind community members that the Island’s best foods are locally grown and harvested.

As part of the initiative, POWHN would like to highlight the local foods-related activities such as the amazing workshops, classes, and events taking place throughout the spring, summer, and fall in Prince of Wales Island communities. These events offer the perfect opportunity for community members of all ages to experience what “Grow. Harvest. Eat.” is all about by demonstrating how to successfully grow, safely harvest, and simply prepare them for their families.  

The first event this spring is the Klawock Wellness Fair on April 2 at Klawock School from 7:30 am- 2:00 pm. Individuals from POWHN membership and others will feature information that includes how to grow produce, gathering what grows naturally on the island, and explain how to easily incorporate these things into one’s daily diet.

“The Network has been successfully able to identify needs and develop creative solutions with a holistic perspective. There is great potential for us to affect change and create opportunities for improved overall health. Making the island communities aware of the ways local foods can positively influence everyone’s health now and in future is exciting,” said SEARHC Health Educator, Tammi Meissner.

The Network encourages everyone to come out to the Klawock Wellness Fair on April 2 and to look for additional opportunities to learn more about local foods over the next six months.

For more information, visit www.powhealthnetwork.org, contact Gretchen Klein at 617-7635.