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Auntie's House

Haa Tláak’w Hás Hídi – Young women’s community for a safe and fun learning space.

In the village, few places were more sacred than Auntie’s House. It was shelter when your body most needed it. It was the aroma of a comforting meal hanging in the air. Between those walls was a treasure trove of traditional knowledge, where you learned to cook, bead, and put up food. Most importantly, Auntie’s House was a haven for difficult conversations, flush with sound advice and offered a non-judgmental space. If something was weighing on you, you could always ask Auntie.

The tradition of a wise, trustworthy mother-figure is something the young women in our region cannot afford to lose. The impact of the pandemic on school and social life has been significant, and constant pressure from social media and the presence of cyber harassment continues to weigh on our youth. In these situations, everyone could benefit from a dependable soul to listen to their troubles.

To offer a channel of support during these difficult times, the SEARHC Health Promotion team is introducing Ax Tlaak’w – Auntie’s House: confidential Zoom sessions with female mentors guiding open-ended discussions for ladies ages 12-24. Topics range from respect and self-worth, to intergenerational trauma and peer pressure. All sessions will take place from 4:00-5:00 p.m. and Zoom meeting details will be emailed privately 20-minutes prior to the event. To join our mailing list and receive a meeting invite, please complete the submission form below. A session schedule can be found at the end of this blog.

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