Strategic Plan

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Health service delivery has undergone continuous change, and we expect more changes with the implementation of new legislation. SEARHC continues its commitment to a process of strategic planning. As the consortium navigates the industry's turbulent waters, our strategic planning helps keep us on course with our mission, core values, and goals. As a non-profit tribal health care organization serving the needs of the Tlingít, Haida, Tsimshian and other Native people in Southeast Alaska, SEARHC works closely with its 18 member tribes to ensure that community health concerns are being addressed. Our policy-making starts at the community level,with each tribal community having a representative on our board of directors.

Our board members, management team and program staff address the priority health concerns of our people. We work to anticipate the issues that will become our highest priorities in upcoming years. This process developed the strategic goals listed in this plan. The strategic goals help us best allocate our limited resources to have the maximum impact on improving our health. Despite insufficient financial resources from the IHS to address every one of our identified health care needs, we achieved great success in reducing many of the challenges in the delivery of health services and improvement of our health status as a people.

This strategic plan updates and changes the 2006 - 2010 plan. Our new strategic plan covers six years, instead of five. This allows the timing to merge with our new commitment to identify operational priorities every two years. This plan allows us to be more responsive to a changing industry, especially in light of the recent passage of the Affordable Care Act (aka, health care reform) that also included the permanent reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act. It will take several years to implement this sweeping legislation, which marks a shift in some of the national health priorities.This shift in national priorities may open up funding and programming opportunities to better serve our people and address of our strategic goals.

As always, SEARHC maintains an ongoing commitment to its core health services and priority health concerns including medical, dental and mental health as well as health promotion and preventative care. The strategic goals in this plan play an important role in how we do business. When our programs make their regular reports to management, we ask how strategic goals are addressed. This allows us to keep on track as we make sure we provide the highest quality health care possible in partnership with Native people.

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