Free Services WIC Provides

Foods good for women, infants and
children, such as

• Milk and cheese (options for lactose intolerance are available)

• Whole grain bread, rice, tortillas, rolls, etc.

• Fruits and vegetables

• Beans, peanut butter, canned fish

• Cereal

• Juice

• Infant foods and formula

Nutrition counseling and information
from professionals

Referrals to other healthcare and
community services

Breastfeeding support and help

WIC supports and encourages women to breastfeed by providing

• Free education and support for successful breastfeeding

• Free manual and electric breast pumps

• Free support from breastfeeding peer counselors

Who are our breastfeeding peer counselors?

WIC moms just like you who

• Breastfed their babies

• Received breastfeeding training

• Are ready to offer support, encouragement and advice

How can they help you?

Call, or text, a counselor: 907-723-2410 (all communities)


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