For Healthcare Providers

Billing for Covered Services

Billing for covered services is simple if you follow these basic guidelines:

  1. Remember that your HCFA (UB 90 or RRB1500) should not be billed until a Annual Income form (PDF 278kb) and a completed WISEWOMAN Lifestyle questionnaire (PDF 126kb) have been submitted for the patient.
  2. Be certain that you are billing for services that are covered by the program. (See MEH-What we offer (PDF 107kb)
  3. Keep in mind reimbursement for covered services is at the Medicare Part B rate. In addition, SEARHC Women's Health grant is the payer of last resort; that is, the program pays for net charges after all third-party payments have been received.

PDF files require Acrobat Reader

Forms and Supplies

If you need covered service cards or brochures, please call our provider support Line at 1-888-388-8782.

Additional forms are available via fax; please call our provider support line at 1-888-388-8782.

  • ICD-9
  • CPT Codes and Schedule of Fees
  • SEARHC Health Visit voucher

Patient fact sheets

PDF files require Acrobat Reader

Screening Protocols and Treatment Algorithms

Below you will find screening protocols for services covered by the SEARHC WISEWOMAN and BCHP programs.

Links to independently published clinical algorithms

PDF files require Acrobat Reader

Continuing Medical Education Credit Opportunities


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