Eligibility & FAQ


Check the following guidelines to see if you are eligible.

Income guidelines

Household Size Estimated Average Monthly Income Not Eligible
1 Up to $2,833 More than $2,833
2 Up to $3,829 More than $3,829
3 Up to $4,825 More than $4,825
4 Up to $5,821 More than $5,821
5 Up to $6,817 More than $6,817
6 Up to $7,813 More than $7,813
7 Up to $8,808 More than $8,808
8 Up to $9,804 More than $9,804

WISEWOMAN services available to Alaskan women

  • Age 30-64 years*
  • Without Medicaid or Medicare Part B
  • With limited income (for example, in 2013 the family income for four people can be up to $45,948/year).

* Women 65 years of age and older may receive services through their Medicare Provider.

BCHP services available to Alaskan women:

  • Age 21-64
  • Without Medicaid or Medicare Part B
  • With limited income (for example, in 2013 the family income for four people can be up to $45,948/year).

In addition, all women who have been screened and need treatment for breast and cervical cancer may be eligible for Medicaid benefits during treatment, including coverage for pre-malignant conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join WISEWOMAN?

It is free to join WISEWOMAN. There is no cost to you if you meet the eligibility guidelines.

I am over 64 (OR under 30) can I still join?

Our funding restricts screening and follow-up services to women 30-64 for WISEWOMAN and 21-64 for BCHP and is only open to women in those age groups; however community events are always open to all women.

However, if you are 65 and older and don't have Medicare Part B but enrolled in Medicare Part A, or if you are not Medicare-eligible, WISEWOMAN/BCHP can help with your bills. Please call 966-8743 or 1-888-383-8782.

Do I have to quit smoking if I join?

WISEWOMAN encourages every woman to move toward a more heart healthy lifestyle. We support you to meet whatever goals, if any, you want to set for your health.

Does the WISEWOMAN program pay for Paps and mammograms?

No, but the Breast and Cervical Health Program will pay for those costs unless you are a SEARHC beneficiary or have private insurance, then your clinical costs will be billed first to whatever insurance program you have.

If my doctor says I need a mammogram; will the program pay if I am under 40?

It depends. We would pay for this mammogram if the patient had an abnormal clinical breast exam and/or if the patient has numerous risk factors and a strong family history. The Breast and Cervical Health Program will pay for diagnostic mammograms for women of any age, but screening mammograms only for women ages 40-64.

Some months I qualify, some I don't? How does this work?

When filling out the enrollment form you can report either monthly and/or annual income.

What about the other lab tests or procedures that my doctor orders at my annual exam?

You are responsible for any costs that are not covered by the programs. For example, the programs do not cover pregnancy tests, vaginal cultures (such as STD testing), pelvic or transvaginal ultrasound, certain blood tests, or EKG. Contact us for a full list of services covered by WISEWOMAN and BCHP.

What happens if my test comes back abnormal?

This depends on what test was performed. The BCH program will cover other diagnostic tests depending on your breast exam and/or Pap test–including colposcopy, breast ultrasound, and breast biopsy. The WISEWOMAN program will pay for one follow-up visit by provider for abnormal cholesterol and blood pressure values, a fasting glucose tolerance test, some blood tests, and a urinalysis.

What does the BCH program have to do with the WISEWOMAN program?

These two programs are sister programs. In order to enroll in the WW program you need to also be enrolled in the BCH program and have a current Pap test, CBE and, if over 40, a mammogram in the past year.

If I'm non-Native, can I still join?

Yes. These two programs are for ALL women who may not have health insurance, may be under-insured and/or have limited income regardless of ethnicity.

How does a non-Native get into SEARHC? Who do I call? Will I be able to go to SEARHC again?

You can choose to receive your women's health grant services at SEARHC, Sitka Medical Center, Mountainside Family Health, or Planned Parenthood. If you choose to go to SEARHC, your chart will note that you will be billed for any services NOT covered by these grants.

Will I receive a bill for my visit? If I do, what should I do?

If you have health insurance or belong to a Tribal Health Program:

  • Your insurance company/Tribal Health Program will always be billed first. We cannot pay the bill until your insurance denies payment or makes a partial payment. Once we receive the bill from the provider with the insurance company explanation of benefits attached, we can process the bill.

If you receive a bill:

  • Check to make sure that you have received a bill and not a billing statement.
  • Call the telephone number found on your bill.
  • Tell the billing person that you are enrolled in the Women's Health Grant/WISEWOMAN programs.
  • Wait for one billing cycle to pass (usually 4-6 weeks) and if you receive another bill, call us at 966-8743 in Sitka or toll-free at 1-888-388-8782 and we will help you resolve the issue.

Can I still enroll if I'm just visiting or I'm here only in the summers?

You may join BCHP. For WISEWOMAN, you must be a resident of Alaska.

Can I have my follow-up mammogram and/or colposcopy done in Ketchikan/Juneau, instead of Sitka?

No, the BCH program will only pay for you to go to Sitka for either screening or diagnostic procedures. The program does, however, cover travel/lodging costs to Sitka.

Am I eligible for the Breast & Cervical Health program if I am covered under Medicare B?

No, because Medicare B covers the cost of all procedures offered under the BCH program. You are, however, eligible for the BCHP if you have only Medicare A or are on Medicaid.

Can I have a diagnostic mammogram done at the Mobile Mammography Clinic?

No, only screening mammograms with normal clinical breast exams done within 6 months of the clinic can be performed at the Mobile Clinics.

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