Evaluation, Outreach and Media

CTG Implementation Projects
June 2012 – September 2013


Worksite Survey: Lily Herwald, contract evaluator, Nancy Eagan, CTG Data Manager and Clara Gray, Health Systems Specialist have completed a phone survey of Southeast Alaska worksites that assesses current worksite health policies. The survey asks about tobacco, breastfeeding, physical activity and nutrition policies at regional worksites that have 100+ employees. This snapshot will be compared to another survey planned for 2015-16.

Fish to Schools (F2S) evaluation: Lily Herwald is working closely with Sitka Conservation Society to evaluate outputs if the F2S effort as well as student preferences and attitudes about local fish consumption. This initiative was encouraged by CTG staff at the CDC to submit an abstract for presenting findings at this fall’s APHA (American Public Health Association) meeting in Boston. We submitted the abstract last week.

Digital Stories training was conducted in August 2012 and produced some very nice narratives on Fish to Schools as well as health and wellness efforts from the perspective of a beneficiary in Craig, AK. We have purchased equipment and plan to partner with SEARHC Health Promotion and do more trainings in the region.

Core Measures: CTG is required to support BRFSS surveys in SE Alaska in 2014 and 2016.

Publications: We are required to produce seven publications in the program period (2011-2016) that include peer-reviewed journal articles. Thus far, SEARHC has published one item, the BRFSS Executive Summary, and has two more currently in progress that will be completed this FY.

Cost Study: SEARHC is voluntarily participating in a special, cost study, effort. This involves entering all cost data into a separate database so that CDC can track the cost of doing public health in Southeast Alaska. We took this on because there is a dearth of data on this subject. It serves SEARHC and others in our state to communicate realistic costs to CDC.

Media/Communication Plan: CTG has a communication plan and is in the process of hiring a media coordinator on contract to implement the plan. We also intend to ask this contractor to concurrently develop a SEARHC health promotion social marketing plan that serves the needs of over-arching disease and injury prevention messaging in the region.

Capacity Building of other CTG programs: SEARHC hosted a group from the Toiyabe Indian Health Services to show them some of our CTG projects and assist with their capacity building. We have also been asked to speak at a Minneapolis training for tribal groups in May 2013.

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