Healing Hand Foundation

The Healing Hand Foundation is helping SEARHC assist beneficiaries with health services beyond those offered by SEARHC. Beneficiaries with unmet healthcare needs may apply for financial assistance to help cover the cost.

Am I eligible?

  • You must be enrolled as a SEARHC beneficiary
  • You must have an unmet need in one of the services covered
  • Your unmet need must be one that is not covered by other programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, VA, private insurance, Denali KidCare, VA, etc.

What services are covered?

  • Durable Medical Goods: Home medical supplies and equipment, such as wheelchairs, walkers, and colostomy supplies.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Medications not available at SEARHC pharmacies, such as certain specialized diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure medications.
  • Patient Travel: Costs not covered by SEARHC, such as certain escort travel and certain travel costs involved with a referral to Anchorage.

To contact HHF, please call (907) 364-4402 or email. Additional information is available on the HHF website, hhf-ak.org.